Cable's Upholstery Design Studio, Inc. presents...


Every MILLION DOLLAR MATTRESS is CUSTOM MADE, just for you. Get that "million dollar sleep" at an affordable price.

Opening soon.....

We have a wonderful line of all custom mattresses individually hand-crafted for you, with quality and luxury from the inside out. Our manufacturers are 4 generations strong in custom mattress manufacturing, and our parent company has been providing custom upholstery for 3 decades. WE KNOW COMFORT!

After an extensive search and months of research, we finally discerned this rare find of "American Idol" style bedmakers. Small, private companies who take pride in their heritage can produce a finer product.

We offer:

-All materials are made in North America -no imported "mystery foam".

-Each mattress or set is custom made JUST FOR YOU. We don't warehouse stacks -I wouldn't want the one on the bottom. Would you? All of our mattresses are truly hand made.

-We're not greedy. The hard earned money you spend is in the quality of the product you buy.

-We don't have phony sales gimmicks, inflated "suggested retail" prices or 5 levels between you, the store, the distributor, the warehouse and the manufacturer. With all of those people to pay, can quality materials really be hiding behind that pretty cover or popular name?

- The quality of our MILLION DOLLAR MATTRESS brand is in the mattress itself. You're not just buying a name.

- We stand behind every thing we sell.

- "Million Dollar" in value, affordable in price, with the perfect balance of comfort, style and variety.

Come back soon... you won't be disappointed!